Fishing Simulators

The simulator gives training in the use of fish detection and navigation equipment and in the operation of fishing vessels engaged in trawling, purse seine and long line fishing methods.
Recently, Twin-Rigging & Bottom Seining has been added to the fishing simulation.
Training in navigation and collision avoidance using radar can also be given.

The students can practise locating fish shoals using sonar and echo sounders, shooting and hauling the fishing gear. If done correctly a catch total will be shown.

Fishing simulator installed in Katwijk, Holland, 2012.
Equipment includes :-
Furuno FCV1100 echo sounders.
Furuno CH250 sonar.
Kelvin Hughes radar.
Simulated equipment :- Omni-direction sonar, Marelec warp display, ARPA radar.
Fishing simulator installed in Safi, Morocco.
The student console is made from steel.
The student consoles are designed to suit the requirements of the college.
This photo shows a 'Portable fishing simulator', being tested in the workshop.

Graphics screen 'omni-direction' sonar.
Marelec type warp display.
Students 'Trawl Graphics display'.
The student has 'plan' & 'side views' of the underwater situation.
Pelagic trawling
Purse seining
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